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Cherish each hour of this day for it can never return.

Og Mandino

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I remember you

Do you remember when I was sitting by your bed and we were watching that film, and I fell asleep, and you caressed my cheek?

Or when we sat in the shade by the river, holding hands and kissing on 4th of July? Because I do.

Do you remember on the patio, laughing and fighting off mosquitoes?
All I can think of is you sitting there, wearing that smile.

Do you remember the first little kiss, on our first evening, in the back of your van? Because I do.
Do you remember how nervous you were?

And do you remember the hickie, and what you told your dad? Because I do.
Thinking about it still makes me laugh.

Do you remember how you brought me precious gifts each day?
I still keep the necklace on my bedside table, together with a piece of painted glass.

Sometimes, I open the wooden chest in my closet, and I find the flowered box where I keep the letters you sent.
I look at the pictures of Yer Blanc, of Sparky, of your family, and of you.
Because I miss you, I do.

For nineteen years I have remembered you.